The draw for 2018 Shanghai International Marathon (SHM) has been published, 38,000 runners have got ready for the race


The draw for 2018 SHM has been published. Meanwhile, the preregistration for leader of Shang-ma volunteer team, Taipei marathon runners and training class for first aid skills officially starts.

The draw for 2018 Shanghai International Marathon was published on the afternoon of September 6, and 38,000 applicants stood head and shoulders from nearly 140,000 pre-applicants. The event will be on along the banks of Huangpu River in November.


Comparing with the applicants of 2017SHM, the number of applicants for this year’s SHM hit a record high for another time. The number of applicants for both Full Marathon and Mini-marathon (5km) grew substantially, and only the number for 10km Run decreased slightly. After the draw was published, the success rate of various race events followed closely.


Affected by renovation of Xujiahui Sports Park, the number for each race event of SHM is adjusted. The number for Mini-marathon is adjusted to 7,000 with 2,000 increased. As the pre-registered number increased by 6,932, the success rate was lowered by 10% correspondingly. The number for 10km Run was lowered by 1,503 compared with last year, and the success rate grew slightly. The number for applicants for Full Marathon increased by 5,418, while due to the quota decrease of candidates, its success rate was lowered by 5% compared with last year.

Congratulations to every successful applicant. However, we wish the unsuccessful applicant not to be disappointed. We have another chance to wait for the draw of a second time. And you can also consider to apply for the leader of Shang-ma volunteer team, Taipei marathon runners, training class for first aid skills, and “I’m her in Five-star to talk about Shang-ma” as well as other programs offered by Shang-ma Organizing Committee.

Recruitment of Taipei Marathon Runners

Since the campaign “Run to the world from Shang-ma” in 2015 began, Shang-ma has been getting more and more practiced in international exchanges and foreign cooperation. Hamburg Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Vancouver Marathon and other international stages have successively become the sister cities with Shang-ma in their marathon lists. This is the third year that Shang-ma has cooperated with Taipei Marathon. And Shang-ma will, recruit 100 runners to participate in Taipei marathon without any charge as before.

Shang-ma will bear NTD$ 1,500 for registration of Taipei Full Marathon and NTD$ 1,000 for registration of Taipei Half Marathon, and the costs for air tickets and hotel will be borne by the runners themselves.

The following Attachment is News about Taipei Marathon:

Date of Race: Start at 06:30 am of December 9 (Sunday), 2018

Starting Line: Taipei Civic Plaza

Race Events: Full Marathon and Half Marathon




Click the picture below to register if you are interested. The deadline is 17:00, September 12.


Shang-ma First-aid Skills Training Class

In order to make marathon tracks safer, the Shang-ma First-aid Skills Training Class that has been held for four terms is going to start this year. Shang-ma will pay for trainees to learn the first aid courses certified by American Heart Association (AHA), and the courses cost a market value of RMB 1,000. The training class including 13 courses will start on September 15, , and each class has 30 trainees (of which, the class on October 27 is targeted to charity runner special race and the class on October 28 is targeted to CAPTAIN race with the registration passage informed separately). An exam will be followed after a whole training, and the trainees passed the exam will obtain the first aid certificate released by AHA.

The training class has been much loved by runners since it opened. A runner ever attended the first aid training class held by Shang-ma, associated with medical team, successfully rescued a runner with sudden cardiac arrest by using the knowledge learned from the training class, which is a kind of testimony and recognition to Shang-ma first aid skill training class.

Click the picture below to register if you are interested. The deadline is 17:00, September 12.