Nearly 140,000 applicants pre-registered with the Shanghai Marathon


At 5 pm on August 28, the five-day pre-register of the 2018 Shanghai International Marathon ended. The runners were like an endless stream during the hectic five-day period. The relevant registration statistics will also be released.


Since the pre-registration channel opened at 10:00 on August 24, a total of 81,770 runners completed the registration that day, and the number of applicants grew steadily over the next four days. As of 5:00 pm on August 28, a total of 137,965 runners completed the pre-registration process, and the wait for the draw began.


Regarding the number of applicants for different races, 92,330 people registered for the Full Marathon, 29,260 people for the 10km Run, and 16,375 people in the Mini-marathon.


As for the male-to-female ratio, the 2018 Shanghai International Marathon is similar to that of other marathons in China.







More interesting facts from the data: the Libra and Scorpio applicants accounted for the two largest ratios for all three races with a gap of only 0.4 percentage points between the two.


Regarding age distribution, the post-80s have become the main force in the SHM, followed by the 90s, both of which account for more than 60% of the total number of runners. Also, a considerable number of runners over the age of 60 signed up to participate in the competition, embodying the spirit of “Once there is life, there is running”.


We wish you luck in drawing lots for the 2018 Shanghai Marathon. On the afternoon of September 6, the result of the draw will be sent to the runners by SMS and email.


Charity entry registration will open at 10:00 on September 2 and disabled runner registration will open at 10:00 on September 14.